Could the original also be the greatest of all time? In 1655, when Jan van Riebeeck planted the first imported vine cuttings on Cape soil, Chenin Blanc was one of the chosen few cultivars that would form the foundation for an entire industry. Had he known then that this noble grape would rise from relative obscurity to prized showpiece, more than three centuries later? Long known as Steen by local vintners, Chenin Blanc gained a reputation as a dependable workhorse due to its incredible versatility. Indeed it has traditionally been used for applications as diverse as brandy making, dry and sweeter styles, sparkling and still wines, even blends. But evolving in the 21st century, Chenin Blanc has proved itself capable of producing world-class varietal wines, particularly from characterful old vines. It has reinvented itself to a pedigreed stallion, delivering sought-after wines of great depth and complexity.