Perdeberg launches SA’s first wine-based Seltzer just in time to enjoy this summer!

Perdeberg launches SA’s first wine-based Seltzer just in time to enjoy this summer!

Inspired by the conscious consumption movement, the mindful drinking trend is here to stay. With more young adults weary of what they put into their bodies, there is a greater demand for wine and spirits with less alcohol and lower sugar and calorie contents.

Leading the way for innovation in this sector, is Perdeberg Wines, who have just launched South Africa’s first wine-based seltzer, using their popular Lighthearted wine range, as the base product/ingredient.

Seltzer on its own became popular during the 1800s due to its perceived medicinal properties. The word Seltzer itself comes from the name of one of the German spa towns, where naturally carbonated mineral waters were bottled and exported around the world. Used with alcohol, it has made its way into modern culture and is interestingly still viewed as the healthier option.

Not to be confused with sparkling water or club soda, the Perdeberg Lighthearted Seltzer is a low alcohol and low sugar and calories drink with refreshing fruit flavours and no artificial colouring. It blends seltzer (soda) water, alcohol (wine) and flavouring to create a gluten-free, lower-alcohol beverage (4.5%-7% abv) that contains only 74-75 calories (significantly less than other local offerings at 100 calories or more)and packaged in a sustainable slimline can with an Insta-worthy label.

With a myriad of low alcohol options on the shelves to choose from, Perdeberg Lighthearted Seltzer ticks all the boxes. Available in two refreshing flavours, mixed berries and lemon and lime, it’s ideal for a summer gathering.