Golden Ticket Bonanza: Terms & Conditions

Golden Ticket Bonanza: Terms & Conditions


Congratulations! You are one of the lucky finders of a golden ticket! Get in touch with us immediately at or +27 (0) 21 869 8244 and quote your order number and ticket’s unique code.
Our team will be in touch to assist you with claiming your prize.


  • This promotional competition is organised by Perdeberg Wines (PTY) Ltd (“the Promoter”).
    The promotional competition is open to permanent residents of South Africa, except any employee, director, member, partner, agent or consultant or any person directly or indirectly who controls or is controlled by the Promoter, immediate family members, advertising agencies, advisers, dealers, suppliers and/or associated companies.
    Participants must be 18 years and over.
    By entering the promotional competition, all participants and winners agree to be bound by these rules which will be interpreted by the Promoter, whose decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding. The Promoter reserves the right to amend, modify, change, postpone, suspend or cancel this competition and any prizes (which have not yet been subject to a draw), or any aspect thereof, without notice at any time, for any reason, which the Promoter reasonably deems necessary.
    All prizes will be to a limit of R5000.
    Eligibility will only be on online orders placed on Perdeberg Wines’ website, from 1 August to the final day of liquor ban. Purchases received before the start or after the closing date will not be taken into consideration.
    Winners will be required to provide their proof of identity to verify that they are above the age of 18.
    All prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
    If the potential winner does not claim the specific prize on or within six months of winning, the potential winner and/or winners will be deemed to have rejected the Prize and it shall revert back to the Promoter.
    All participants and the winners, as the case may be, indemnify the Promoter, its advertising agencies, advisers, nominated agents, suppliers, its affiliates and/or associated companies against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising out of and/or from their participation in any way howsoever in this promotional competition (including, as a result of any act or omission, whether as a result of negligence, misrepresentation, misconduct or otherwise on the part of the Promoter) and/or use of the Prize.


Perdeberg will do its utmost to ensure you receive your prize in a timely fashion. If your prize is the Dry Land experience, an appropriate date and time will be discussed with you in due course, which is subject to availability and scheduling.