Perdeberg Wines Shine At The 2020 Top 100 National Wine Challenge

Perdeberg Wines Shine At The 2020 Top 100 National Wine Challenge

Perdeberg brought home not one but six Double Gold awards for its dryland influenced wines at the 2020 National Wine Challenge. This major fine-wine-only event is now in its 10th year and saw a strong lineup of well over five hundred fine wine entries with outstanding wine quality.

Known as the Home of Chenin Blanc™, for the multiple expressions of this significant cultivar in our wine ranges, three of the medals were awarded to The Dry Land Collection Rossouw’s Heritage (59% Chenin Blanc-based White Blend), The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc 2019 and Perdeberg Classic Collection Chenin Blanc 2019. A true South African favourite, the Chenin Blanc grape does exceptionally well in the dry land environment whereby Perdeberg’s award-winning streak bares testament to its quality and excellence.

The other three double gold medals were achieved by The Dry Land Collection Joseph Legacy 2017 (48% Shiraz-driven Red Blend), The Dry Land Collection Tenacious Shiraz 2017 and Perdeberg Classic Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. Additionally, a Double Silver medal was bestowed upon the Perdeberg Classic Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2019.

This year saw an exceptional judging panel of local wine experts, who taste each of the entries over a series of days. The Top 100 wines are then chosen, and from that list, the highest scorers are re-tasted for Double Gold, Double Platinum and Grand Cru awards.  The Challenge aims to present and position fine wines with strength and integrity. It also aims to help wine lovers with its friendly, simple and practical approach.

Production Manager of Perdeberg Group, Albertus Louw comments: “Receiving six Double Gold and one Double Silver across all our pricing levels, our Popular Range – The Classic Collection, to our Premium Range – The Vineyard Collection and also our Super Premium Range – The Dry Land Collection, indicates that Perdeberg offers the best quality at any given price point. No small thanks to the influence of unirrigated dryland vineyards which bares small berries with concentrated fruit and colour, combined with the intuition of our winemaking team during the artistic production process of creating wines of excellence”.

Perdeberg’s wines showcase the uniqueness of the wines grown in the testing terroir. Specific vines in predetermined dry land vineyards are selected and intensive vineyard practices are followed to reach the desired wine profile. The wines are made in a new world style, complex with ample fruit and structure. Red wines in this range are matured in oak barrels and only some whites in The Dry Land Collection and Iconic Range see wood contact. Where maturation in oak barrels is practiced, the oak serves as support to the fruit. All Perdeberg wines are ideal for food and wine enjoyment and perfect for drinking on their own at special occasions.

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