eighty years unearthed

How do you measure your success after 80 years in business? In the competitive and unpredictable industry of wine, many would consider success as simply longevity. But for us it is also staying true to yourself. Therefore in contemplating this major milestone, we reflected on our founding principles, the pillars on which our cellar was built and continues to grow.

These 8 cornerstones represent our birthday theme and are the following: Dryland cultivation, the starting point of our winemaking philosophy. Chenin Blanc – a grape that performs so well in our dryland environment, Perdeberg
has become known as the Home of Chenin Blanc.

Sustainability is at the core of our business ethos – to nurture our environment and our people. Excellence is the golden thread in everything we do. Excellence and quality go hand in hand with innovation – the reason why we are always inspired to remain of the forefront of technology and best practice. Finally, at Perdeberg we are proud of our heritage and location, and we cherish the relationships we build around wine.

To mark the venerable achievement of 80 years of existence, Perdeberg has launched a very special commemorative wine. The limited edition Rex Equus Pioneer’s Blend offers a window into the past, present and future of winemaking at Perdeberg, and is a true collector’s item.


limited release

ONLY 1 941 BOTTLES AND 80 MAGNUMS WILL BE RELEASED, MAKING THE REX EQUUS A TRUE COLLECTOR’S ITEM AND ONE OF A KIND. Time has taught us the value of patience, but also that extraordinary effort is rewarded with extraordinary results. Rex Equus, our commemorative wine to mark 80 years of winemaking excellence, is a perfect case in point. This single edition offering is our most exclusive wine yet –the culmination of resources, collaboration, knowledge and experience refined over decades. Reserve your allocation now, as a purchase cannot be guaranteed. A rare find indeed that befits its quality and character, as this is a wine that is certain to stand the test of time 750ml – R600 Magnum – R1200

The pinnacle of Perdeberg Cellar’s achievement. That is what Rex Equus represents.

Named after the ‘King of
Horses’, this wine is similarly powerful yet elegant, with a pedigree underpinned by 80 years of winemaking expertise. It is a sophisticated blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot.It is an age-worthy wine with incredible structure that can be cellared for many years from vintage, to enjoy on a truly special occasion.

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our cornerstone timeline

So where did it all begin? Over 80 years there have been many milestones to savour.
A glance back in time, to the moments that made greatness To reach a milestone as monumental as 80 years of existence is no small feat. To do it in the competitive wine industry even more so. It is Perdeberg’s commitment
to its key cornerstones that has brought it to this stage – thriving at 80 and fit for the future.

Join us on a journey to see how all the pieces came together for the Home of Chenin Blanc and Dryland-influenced Wines, like the diverse but harmonious parts that make up a great soil and allow a vine to grow.


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Perdeberg Cellar was founded in 1941 when Jan Rossouw, an astute local farmer, disillusioned with the poor prices being paid for grapes, suggested that the farmers of the region begin producing their own wines. They knew then, as we do now, that our unique terroir at the foot of the Paardeberg had something valuable to oer the wine world.

The first grapes were manually pressed in 1942 and in 1944 the first board of directors and management team were formed. These early pioneers dreamt big and understood that always staying a step ahead of the pack was pivotal to produce superior quality wines.


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From 1956 Joseph Huskisson was an influential figure in modernising Perdeberg’s winemaking methods and creating a culture of excellence. He was appointed as the first full-time …..
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It is going to be a year of big celebrations at Perdeberg, and we don’t want you to miss out on a single festivity. Follow us on our social media pages for updates about events and competitions to mark our 80 years of existence. We have some thrilling surprizes in store to thank our loyal consumers for their continued support that has helped us to reach this monumental milestone.

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