The Dry Land Collection Joseph’s Legacy


R/S: 2.8g/l | T/A: 6.1g/l | V/A: 0.56g/l | pH: 3.4 | Alc: 14.21%

Cultivar: Shiraz / Cabernet / Grenache Noir / Malbec

Vintage: 2017

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Joseph’s Legacy is a tribute to Perdeberg’s legendary winemaker, Joseph Huskisson, who was a visionary in his time at Perdeberg from 1956-1994. This wine was motivated by passion, tradition and the philosophy behind Dry Land Viticulture and Wine-making. Only the best barrels from the 2015 vintage were selected for this magnificent blend.

Black pepper, cedar, biltong spice, cherry, plum and vanilla notes are all prominent on the nose. The palate is structured and bold with layered tones of cloves, spice, coriander and chocolate icing. Over time complexity will increase and aromas are expected to become spicier, more leathery with hints of cigar smoke.

Pair with dishes such as flame grilled rump steak, spicy venison, beef casserole or braaied skildpaadjies.