Perdeberg Winery – Who We Are

Welcome to Perdeberg Winery – Creating wines of Excellence and Difference.


Located in Paarl in the heart of the Boland of the Western Cape, Perdeberg Winery enjoys one of the finest wine-growing regions of the Cape.


Established in the early 1940s our vineyards stretch over 2070 hectares and enjoy 5 different microclimates giving us superb diversity and quality in our winemaking.


The composition of our vineyards significantly contributes to the quality of our wines. 78% Are un-irrigated while 52% are un-trellised, explaining our low yielding vines. These dry land bush vines create far better fruit concentration than vines subjected to unnatural vineyard practices, like irrigation.


Over the years our wines and vineyards have evolved and our winery now boasts state of the art technology and vineyard practices to ensure that our grapes are of the highest quality and our winemaking, superb.


Utilizing these innovations enables our team to focus on the winemaking, tasting and blending to ensure that our finished wines are of an impeccable standard.


From humble beginnings our vineyards have grown to extend its reach to include exports not only to countries within the Africa Union but also Europe and the United Kingdom. As far as possible, Perdeberg works through joint venture structures which facilitates the contribution partners’ expertise and which allows shared value creation.


We have a love and passion for what we do and the teamwork and dedication we demonstrate is clearly evident in our excellent wines.


Perdeberg Winery has a long history and tradition of excellence in producing wines from premium grapes; never compromising on quality and preferring to set trends rather than follow them! The result…….a diverse range of award winning wines for both the casual drinker and discerning connoisseur.


Perdeberg Winery – Creating wines of Excellence & Difference

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