Perdeberg Winery Remembers Joseph C Huskisson


It is with great sadness that Perdeberg Winery bids farewell to Joseph Huskisson, who passed away on Friday 9th October 2015. Joseph had been a visionary winemaker at the cellar between 1956 and 1994.


As a man who left an indelible mark on everyone’s lives at the winery, his legacy will live on in Perdeberg’s Dry Land Collection red blend, Joseph’s Legacy, an award-winning wine that serves as a fitting tribute to Joseph and his work at the winery.


Not only was Joseph a very accomplished man, but he was also a very vivacious personality. He lived a full and happy life.

Joseph leaves a large footprint behind at Perdeberg. The winery extends its deepest condolences to Joseph’s wife, children and grandchildren.








Born: 06/26/1933
Died: 09/10/2015


Early Life: Joseph Huskisson was born into a family who farmed with fruit and vegetables on Belvedere in Noordhoek and was baptized at St. James Church. In 1934, when Joseph was 10 years old, the family moved to Paarl where he attended Paarl Gymnasium.

Working History: When Joseph was only 18, he started working at Nederburg and was taught by Johann Graue and his son Arnold Graue, the owner on the Nederberg farm at that stage. He worked there from 1951-1955, after which he worked at Boland Cellar. In 1956, Joseph applied for and was appointed Cellar Manager of Perdeberg Winery.

Family: A year after he was appointed at Perdeberg Winery, at the age of 25, he married Elize Frick on 14th December 1957. They had three sons – Jacques, Melchior and Corbett. After he retired in 1994 at the age of 60, his family moved to Somerset West, until his wife died in 1999. He then moved to Strand and later married Annette Rabbets in August 2001.


Hobbies: Joseph had a passion for flying and received his pilot’s license in 1970. He was also keen on boat racing and skiing and he and his wife Elize used to like diving for lobster and abalone – many times, they used the aircraft to fly to Robben Island and dive there.


Contribution to Perdeberg Winery: 1956 was a pivotal year for Perdeberg Winery. Unusually heavy rains in the area resulted in a poor harvest for most of the farmers in the area and quality came at a premium. Undeterred by these giant influences and, in a bid to continue producing top-class wines, Perdeberg appointed Joseph Huskisson as their first full-time wine maker and to help modernise the winery’s operations. Perdeberg became the second winery in South Africa to use cold fermentation and they also imported other new technologies from Europe.

Under Joseph’s leadership, the winery was expanded from a 2000 ton basement to a 22,000 ton winery. Joseph was known for his attention to the fine detail in all tasks and for his culture of hard and meticulous work. In short, Joseph created a culture of excellence within Perdeberg and with him at the helm; Perdeberg became the very first cellar in the area to employ a full-time viticulturist.

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