In search of a white wine?


Exploring the world of white wine is never a bad idea, as a wonderful array of tastes and aromas awaits you. But if your palate has yet to settle on one, perhaps the tipple you’re after isn’t Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc – though they may nearly have hooked you. Perhaps your white is Chenin Blanc.


More aromatic than Chardonnay and, unlike many Sauvignons, weighty enough to balance the oak barrel’s creaminess with acidity, Chenins demand attention. The Perdeberg cellar is well stocked with them.


Local Excellence


Widely thought to have been established in France’s Loire Valley, Chenin Blancs owe much of their present day popularity to the wines produced in South Africa. First introduced to the Cape in 1655 by Jan Van Riebeeck, the noble grape has thrived under local conditions, thanks to our terroir diversity and winemaking ability.


Enjoying Chenin Blanc


Like other whites, their reputation as summer wines is fair, though past, present and future Chenin drinkers will argue — as fairly — that they’re good all year round. Their notes are enticing. In the case of our standard-label Chenin Blanc 2015, expect to find a tropical nose, featuring guava, pear and peach, along with a crisp, fresh palate.


As for pairings, Chenins go well with seafood, goat’s cheese, omelettes, salads, lightly-flavoured pasta and pizza.

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