The Ploughman

Everyone loves a feel-good story and Perdeberg Wines not only has one to warm your heart but has also created a special wine – The Ploughman – to celebrate this story, which begins with a man named Dawid Diederiks, fondly known as ‘Dappies’.

Dappies, now aged 49, has lived his entire life on the Klein Môrewag farm, working as a labourer with grapes and cattle.  He always dreamt one day of being able to own his own land and farm for himself.


The Ploughman


The Klein Môrewag farm was subsequently bought by the State and Dappies has been renting the farm from the State ever since.  During this time, Perdeberg Cellar has been a strategic partner with the State in renting and developing Klein Môrewag to the benefit of its workers and is currently assisting in the buying process of the land.


Fast forward to 2011, and Dappies’ life-long dream was about to become a reality because he was granted farming rights on the Klien Môrewag farm.  He’s spent his whole life on this farm and will see his time out on the farm, together with his family and the Klein Môrewag community.

perdeberg ploughman e1487310624354 Celebrating The Ploughman with Perdeberg Wines

Perdeberg Winery is 100% committed to Dappies and to helping him own the land and because of his love for what he does and for the area, Perdeberg has launched The Ploughman wine range* consisting of a Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc and Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon Blend.  The grapes used for these wines all come from Klein Môrewag where they are lovingly harvested by Dappies.


Let’s raise a toast to Dappies and to the fact that dreams really do come true.


* The Ploughman will be available in selected Checkers stores in March 2017
**A contribution to The Ploughman sales will go directly to the workers, their families and the education of the children that live on the farm.

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