Perdeberg Winery Clinches International Deal

Perdeberg Winery has signed a contract with REH Kendermann – a reputable wine company in Germany – to produce a new global wine brand, WAKA WAKA Wines, soon to be sold in the German and International Market.


Perdeberg Winery was looking for a German partner about two years ago and met up with REH Kendermann at the same time REH Kendermann was looking to expand in South Africa. Gerhard van der Watt, CEO of Perdeberg Winery said that they feel honored to know that out of the many award winning wine producers in South Africa, Perdeberg Winery was chosen to produce WAKA WAKA Wines.


Marketing Director of REH Kendermann, Alexander Rittlinger, explains; “After an extensive screening process, we decided to choose Perdeberg Winery in Paarl. Here we have found a partner who has totally convinced us on impeccable quality. Perdeberg, for instance, produces the Chenin Blanc which has won the most awards in South Africa and has positioned themselves as the home of Chenin Blanc. Perdeberg consistently delivers exceptional quality, which proofs their slogan – “The trusted brand with more quality at any price”.


All wines produced by Perdeberg Winery are certified by the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB). This guarantees that wines are cultivated and produced on a sustainable basis and that the entire production process – from the vine to the bottle – is traceable. At harvesting, the WAKA WAKA grapes are selected and handpicked to ensure that only berries of the very best quality are used.


REH Kendermann took delight in knowing that the European market will enjoy the taste of a South African wine produced from bush vines. Bush vines thrive free-standing without wire frame supports and the average yield lies at around only 7,000 kg per hectare, which results in an exceptionally high quality grape. The drier climatic conditions lead to smaller berries with a higher content of sugar, acid and other flavour components. Environmentally-friendly viniculture additionally supports the process.


The WAKA WAKA range of wines are produced at Perdeberg Winery, situated approximately 70 kilometers from Cape Town city centre. The summers are long and warm, usually with sufficient rainfall to make irrigation necessary only in exceptional circumstances. The region has a huge potential for Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage and Shiraz.


The WAKA WAKA range currently comprises three different wines: a Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc, a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend. They will be available in Germany and abroad from May 2011. The wines will be priced at around EUR 4.99 per bottle.


Additional Information:

REH Kendermann is known for it’s quality German and international wine portfolio. REH Kendermann sees themselves as an ambassador for German wines, and are proud that the world’s most successful German wine comes from their house. In addition to their thriving German wine portfolio, REH Kendermann’s wine specialists travel extensively to select estate-bottled wine brands from around the world to bring to their consumers in Germany.


Wines currently produced by REH Kendermann are as follows:

  • Kendermanns
  • Black Tower
  • 3W
  • Lindemans
  • Carl Reh
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