Bushy Tails from Perdeberg

vineyardsI’m Prudence, the Perdeberg vine and I live in the Agter Paarl region.


We’ve had a really dry winter – less than half the rainfall we usually have. But don’t worry – I’m made of stern stuff. Together with my fellow vines, we rise to the challenge of stressful and ever changing micro climate conditions.


This picture shows how I look at the moment, which actually is not too different from the way I looked this time last year … except that I am having to dig a little deeper for the water I need.


Watch this space to see how I cope with the oncoming summer in a place where we don’t have irrigation – it’s a game of survival and triumph, that’s for sure.


Perdeberg vineyards have received 300mm less rainfall than normal this last winter. The clever people at Perdeberg are talking about an “El Nino” year. Compared to 2014, the rainfall levels were 650mm and this year there were just 250mm. Vines like Prudence rise to the challenge though and excel themselves, surprising even our viticulturists with the results.












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