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Meet Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra – you might recognise him from our wine label!

He is more than just a zebra, he’s an important member of our family and something of a mascot to us – symbolising our heritage, our love for the land, and most importantly: the uniqueness of our wines.

Zebras have always been synonymous with Perdeberg. The magnificent Paardeberg mountain range is named in honour of the wild zebra and quagga that used to roam the area; and in the early days, these beautiful animals used to wander freely through our vineyards.
We’ve always had a deep respect for the land and put a lot of effort into conserving endangered flora and fauna, so it’s only fitting that one of the region’s most legendary indigenous creatures should find its way into our hearts and onto our wine label.

Merlot also has his own blog. You can visit it by clicking here.

Remember, we’re the one with the zebra!